The Transformer / WorkMaster –  a modular automation system

The concept consists of a free-standing changer unit which changes pallets between a magazine and the machine. As you can see, Transformer/WorkMaster is a flexible automation concept which suits most types of machines, and one in which the magazine configuration is matched to the individual requirements of each customer. The open architecture of the systems is a clear advantage of System 3R’s automation equipment.

The customer chooses the machine that is best suited to the particular requirements of the business, and a WorkMaster is added to it. System 3R is a universal link between machines of different makes and types. Always with the focus on flexibility and productivity.


  • Modular system
  • The robot can be used for milling-, grinding-, EDM-, WEDM- or measuring machines
  • Possibility to load up to 4 machines
  • Transfer weight is 75, 150 or 200 kg
  • Max. workpiece dimensions 700x480x395 mm
  • Servo technology



ID System, drying station, longer X-axes 1500mm, several grippers.

Price starts at: € 95.000,=

Examples WorkMasTer / Transformer System 3R

The compact basic unit can easily be installed to all kind of machines. This unit can grow with the needs and demands of your costumers. Add magazines or other options can be done at any time. The big advantage is that it can grow with the needs from the market. Loading up to 4 machines is possible within the 300 degree C-axes of the robot.


  • Transfer weight 75, 150 or 200 kg
  • The X-, Z- and C-axes are equipped with AC motors with integrated controls
  • Stroke X-axes 1250 mm
  • Stroke Z-axes 1400 mm
  • C-axes 330 degrees
  • 6 Bar, 150 liter/min.
  • Small footprint through telescopic arm

The standard magazines can be added easily and very flexible into the new or existing cell. The stable magazine allows heavy weights up to 1200 Kg per magazine. You can add always more magazines in the future.


  • Standard 5 levels
  • Max. weight per level 150 kg
  • Max. weight per rack 1200 kg
  • Max. pallet dimensions 700×480 mm


Loading door, loading station, more levels.


Rotary magazine   Full rack   Half rack
  Pos. Dimensions   Pos. Dimensions   Pos. Dimensions
Macro 36 65*65 12 70*200
Macro 116mm 6 150*150
GPS70 10 95*95
GPS120 12 160*160
Macro-Magnum 8 210*210 4 210*210
Macro-Magnum 10 185*185 5 170*170
Dynafix 4 320*320 2 400*400
Dynafix 5 290*290 1 700*500 1 480*400
GPS240 4 320*320 3 275*275
GPS240 5 290*290 2 400*400 1 480*400
Delphin 2 400*400
Delphin 1 700*500 1 480*400


To extend your magazine capacity you can integrate the cell with a rotary magazine. These magazines are normally used when we have to load 2 or more machines.


  • Max. load rotary rack 1000 kg
  • Magazine has his own AC motor
  • Up to almost 200 positions possible

Station for the preparation of work pieces. the station has a door and side guards. Fencing is not needed. The station can be controlled by the hand box of the robot. A chuck is not included.


  • Max. work piece dimensions 450 x 450 x 450 mm
  • Max. weight 200 kg
  • Collection tray for oil and flushing liquid
  • Prepared for chuck installation, including foot control and pneumatic connections


Manual indexing unit, 4×90° with locking device, fixed ID-antenna.

tranformer options1 tranformer options2 tranformer options3

WSM – WorkShopManager

User-friendly Cell Management Software

  • Necessary data is entered quickly and in a structured manner.
  • Quick, precise overview of the entire process chain
  • Increased flexibility: The order of priority can be changed at any time.
  • Simpler, safer preparation of automated cells
  • The risk of errors due to the human factor is minimized.
  • Increased process security


1 Preparation – WorkCenter

  • Create an order
  • Assign operations and NC programs
  • Retrieve offset values
  • Release the order for production

2 Execution – CellManager

  • Manages the pallet ID codes and magazine positions
  • Creates priority lists
  • Automatically starts available jobs in the order of the priority list
  • Updates the information in the database with the status and machining times of individual orders

3 Monitoring – CellMonitor

  • Display status of all cells
  • Display status of individual machines and processes
  • Statistics – WSM Statistics
  • Retrieve and analyze cell utilization data
  • Retrieve and analyze order data

More information, see Software


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