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WorkShopManager – Cellmanager

GF Machining Solutions software is available for manually controlled as well as automated processes. It ensures process security and simplifies preparation of jobs, masters your workshop complexity and manages and controls the processes.

The Software is expandable, designed for the future and growths with your demand.


  • Quick, precise overview of the entire process chain
  • Increased flexibility – the order of priority can be changed at any time
  • Simpler, safer preparation of automatic cells. Information about workpieces, magazine positions, offset values and NC programs is always available
  • The risk of errors due to the human factor is minimised
  • Generates shorter lead times
  • Increased process security

WSM cellsoftwareUser-friendly Cell Management Software

  • Necessary data is entered quickly and in a structured manner.
  • Quick, precise overview of the entire process chain.
  • Increased flexibility: The order of priority can be changed at any time.
  • Simpler, safer preparation of automated cells.
  • The risk of errors due to the human factor is minimized.
  • Increased process security.


Step 1 Preparation – WorkCenter


• Create an order
• Assign operations and NC programs
• Retrieve offset values
• Documents linked to the operation
• Pallet identity
• Release the order for production

Step 2 Execution – CellManager

• Manages the pallet ID codes and magazine positions
• Creates priority lists
• Automatically starts available jobs in the order of the priority list
• Updates the information in the database with the status and machining times of individual orders

Step 3 Monitoring – CellMonitor


• Display status of all cells
• Display status of individual machines and processes

Statistic – CellStatistic

• Retrieve and analyze cell utilization data
• Retrieve and analyze order data

S3R wsm overvier 4.0

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