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The standard software made bij Soflex. These powerfull software is easy to use and used on all products off Liebherr

An important factor in the acceptance of a system by users is ease of operation. The RLS rotary loading system has a cell control system, which enables intuitive operation and a wide range of useful functions for productive operation.

Soflex-PCS cell controller software
Even the entry level version of the rotary loading system comes with the proven Soflex PCS cell controller software. The controller offers a real-time graphical display of the entire production cell with numerous additional details available with the mouse. Functions can also be triggered via ‘drag and drop’ for additional convenience.

Order planning
The Soflex PCS supports order planning by priority and defines work order sequences. Optionally delivery schedules are used as basis for dynamic sequencing. This function is based on a patented planning process.

Expansion options
The RLS cell controller’s is modular by design and additional functionality can be added as needed. Functions such as NC data management, tool organization, operating data recording and integration with ERP systems can be added at a later date. On the Soflex PCS, additional functionality can be activated without major production interruptions.

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