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Handling system RLS

Liebherr offers a wide range of automation systems supporting modern high-efficiency production environments. Our solutions not only reduce production costs but are also able to quickly respond to fluctuating production volumes. Liebherr automation systems are designed for cost-effectiveness, ease of use, quality and reliability in combination with a high degree of flexibility. For pallet handling systems, Liebherr offers the RLS rotary loading system as a supplement to the linear PHS. It is the ideal solution for an economical entry into high-efficiency machining via pallet handling.



  • RLS 2 types RLS800 or RLS1500
  • Max. work piece weight 800 or 1500 kg
  • Workpiece dimensions 900*900 or 1300*1300
  • Machine pallet 630*630 or 800*800
  • Cell control SOFLEX PCS
  • Control: Siemens
  • References to all horizontal and 5-axes machines