Liebherr, FMS system PHS

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Liebherr, FMS system PHS

Using the modularly designed linear pallet handling system (PHS), Liebherr offers the ideal system solution to flexibly automate machining centers. The system is based on standardized machine pallets on which the workpieces to be machined are clamped manually or automatically.

The PHS is available in four sizes for transport loads of 500 to 13,000 kg. The modular design allows the system to be individually adapted to each application case. The number of machines, set-up stations and storage slots connected is therefore variable. All requirements of a modern production plant can be met thanks to the possibility of extending the system using blank and finished-part management on pallets.


  • PHS 3 types PHS750 – PHS1500 or PHS3500
  • Max. work piece weight 1200 – 2500 or 6500 kg
  • Workpiece dimensions Ø 1000 – Ø 1700 or Ø 2400
  • Machine pallet 630*630 – 800*800 or 1200*1200
  • Cell control SOFLEX
  • Control: Siemens
  • References to all horizontal and 5-axes machines