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Liebherr, PHS Allround. New system for more flexibility

Modular design PHS Allround 1.500 ( future 500kg and 3.500kg ). Up to 5 machines and several loading stations. The PHS Allround from Liebherr can be combined as needed and extended at any time thanks to the modular concept. Numerous setup stations (e.g. turn/tilt/mobile) from the modular system are available. The storage capacity can be increased considerably with minimum floor space thanks to additional rotary towers. With a height of just under 3.8 m, the PHS Allround can also be used in existing halls with low ceiling heights


  • Max. weight 1500 ( future 500 and 3500 kg )
  • 2 or 3 Levels
  • Max. product size Ø 900
  • Maximum pallet size 800x800