Gravostar deburring and marking

Fully automatic deburring and engraving on your CNC turning or milling machine










Gravostar from SEH Technik SA

As a specialist in the fields of part marking and deburring, we offer not only tools but also complete problem solutions. We guide and support our customers, starting with up-to-date inventory taking and the elaboration of tool proposals or possibly the development of custom solutions, right through their successful realization in production.

This makes us a sought-after partner and a driving force. For all sectors in which it is necessary to reduce unnecessary working steps and therefore also error sources, for example in automotive and machinery construction, the aerospace sector, HGV and rail transport, etc. In short: gravostar has mastered the art of innovation. As an industry pioneer since 1999.


  • Lower changeover times, more spindle hours
  • Increased flexibility – the order of priority can be changed at any time
  • Simpler, safer preparation of fixtures
  • The risk of errors due to the human factor has been minimized
  • Generates shorter turnaround times
  • Increased process safety
Photos gravostar

Photos gravostar

Gravostar engraflex deburring

The special feature of the deburring tool we developed is the flexibly mounted tool spindle. This makes it possible to automatically deburr components with poorly defined edges in which the effective workpiece edge varies from the programmed contour. This means that even workpieces with dimensional differences and/or complex contours (e.g. finish-machined castings etc.) can be deburred to their final finish directly on the CNC machine. Subsequent manual deburring with a compressed-air driven grinder is not needed.

The use of the tool is extremely simple and needs no additional installation on the machine – automatic substitution using the tool changer, and the tool is driven directly from the machine spindle. The programmed contour for deburring is passed over by the machine axes during which the extendible spindle automatically follows the actual workpiece contour and deburrs it evenly.

Gravostar marking

Individual and rational marking of parts, automated into a single work process on the CNC machine. This means that each finished workpiece leaves the machine already individually marked as required. The additional operation of down-stream marking with the associated handling and even transportation is completely superfluous.

As happens with engraving, the marking contour follows the machine axes. The process speeds (in the approach to and withdrawal from the marking contour) and the life of the marking tool are significantly greater than is the case with engraving.