Fanuc robot – the most flexible automation concept

Collaboration with other players in the field of automation, meaning that we can now offer automation solutions with industrial robots, both stationary and rail-borne. New possibilities are opened up, thanks to a greater number of moving axes:

  • PALLET and PRODUCT handling in ONE CELL.
  • Loading and unloading of pallets in horizontal and vertical chucks without change of gripper jaw.
  • Gripper jaw station in the rail sledge. The robot always has all gripper jaws with it.
  • Magazine stations on the rail sledge. These are used as an intermediate station for changing grip on a pallet, or when a finished pallet is to be changed in a machine.



  • Modular system on rail length 4 up to 25 meter
  • For milling-, grinding-, EDM-, WEDM- or measuring machines
  • Possibility to load up to 6 machines
  • Transfer weight 75, 165, 350 or 600 kg
  • Max. pallet dimensions 630 x 630 mm
  • Servo technology

Several grippers, washing station, draining station.

Prices on request.

Examples Fanuc Lineair

Examples Fanuc Lineair

Brochure Fanuc linear

Brochure Fanuc linear

fanuc robot s3rAt between 750 and 900 kg the Fanuc 6 axis robot series offers one of the highest payloads on the market. Designed to handle single or multiple heavy parts and available with reaches extending, the Fanuc robot is ideal for almost every application. Varied mounting options make this series very versatile and enable it to make maximum use of the work envelope.


  • Transfer weight from 70-900 kg
  • Radial reach, up to 3 400 mm
  • Complexed transfer movements
  • Parts handling


  • Whatever the Automation requires, the Fanuc solution can be tailored to serve your needs: customer-specific solutions.
  • Modern technology & smart technical solutions using standardized modules allow for cost-effective yet flexible Automation.
  • User-friendly cell management software: complex Automation made easy!
  • Everything from your single source supplier: GF Machining Solutions.
  • Achieve greater return on your investment!


Fanuc L magazines

 Rotary magazineLFT Half rackLFT Full rackHalf rackFull rack
Macro3665*65      1270*200
Macro 116mm        6150*150
GPS70        1095*95
Macro-Magnum8210*210      4210*210
Macro-Magnum10185*185      5170*170
Dynafix4320*3202500*5002400*800  2400*400
GPS2404320*3202500*5002400*800  3275*275
Delphin  2500*5002400*800  2400*400
Delphin  1850*5501850*8001480*4001700*500

You are able to load or unload the station without interruption the process. Safety shutter between the loading station and the robot to protect the operator during his job.

s3r rail Loading station

s3r rail Loading station

One level loading station

  • Fixed loading table
  • Integrated ID-Reader
  • Max. 700 kg payload

Two level loading station

  • Four positions
  • Integrated ID-Reader
  • Slided levels for easy load or unload
  • Max. 400 kg payload/each level

Several grippers are available to optimize the process and gives you a higher flexibility. Some examples of grippers are:

  • Turning
  • Tilting
  • Tipping arm
  • Double

Transformer grippers EDM & Milling Transformer grippers Wire EDM Transformer advanced gripper

To get a more undemand process we need to integrate more production steps into the robot cell, one of the newest options is the washing station. Mostly installed together with the measuring machine.

  • Weight handling upto 200 kg
  • For workpieces and copper electrodes
    Washing machine

    Washing machine

  • Max. pallet/work piece size of 500 x 500 x 500 mm
  • 2 models
  • Size/footprint: Width 1500 mm, Depth 2700 mm, Height 2290/3400 mm
  • Stainless, rust proof material

Model-1: Wash+clean in 1 step

1 tank/ Oil separation/ Filter/ drying

Model-2: Wash+clean and cleaning in 2 steps

2 tanks/ Oil separation/ Filter/ drying

tranformer options2  Fanuc L options4

WSM – WorkShopManagerWSM cellsoftware

User-friendly Cell Management Software

  • Necessary data is entered quickly and in a structured manner.
  • Quick, precise overview of the entire process chain.
  • Increased flexibility: The order of priority can be changed at any time.
  • Simpler, safer preparation of automated cells.
  • The risk of errors due to the human factor is minimized.
  • Increased process security.


1 Preparation – WorkCenter

  • Create an order
  • Assign operations and NC programs
  • Retrieve offset values
  • Release the order for production

2 Execution – CellManager

  • Manages the pallet ID codes and magazine positions
  • Creates priority lists
  • Automatically starts available jobs in the order of the priority list
  • Updates the information in the database with the status and machining times of individual orders

3 Monitoring – CellMonitor

  • Display status of all cells
  • Display status of individual machines and processes
  • Statistics – WSM Statistics
  • Retrieve and analyze cell utilization data
  • Retrieve and analyze order data

More information, see Software


Fanuc L included options