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“This robot will never stop, why should I order a maintenance?A statement that we often hear from our satisfied customers. We prefer to use the term “inspection”. Although the robots of System 3R are very reliable, an annual inspection is recommendable.

We work together with the company TISEA from Belgium. All employees of this company have received extensive training at System 3R in Sweden.

We can offer you service en preventive service for:

  • robots
  • tooling
  • control and master pallets


What are the advantages of such an annual service on the robot?

· Less unexpected downtime
· Greatly increased reliability


Upon delivery of a good product also includes proper training of your staff. ERTEC attaches great importance to the knowledge and skills of your staff as soon as possible to achieve a higher level. All participants will receive after the training a certificate.

 To educate your employee has several advantages : 

· Faster productivity of your investment
· Your staff is more confident in introducing this new technology
· Fewer failures
· Often you can make use of a subsidy

System 3R ROBOTS – Preventive maintenance & inspection. Avoid unexpected production stops

What do I get as a customer?
So that you can escape the need for emergency servicing, System 3R offers a number of standard and customized maintenance agreements. Our maintenance agreements usually run for periods of one year. Everything depends on the automatic cell’s complexity and its use. How a preventive maintenance agreements works:

• Scheduled reconditioning at agreed intervals (once a year is recommended) to minimize operating costs and the risk of stops.
• Optimization of the automation cell function and performance (this ensures the quality of the end product).
• Work is carried out by our own well-trained service technicians, who will also recommend any further measures.
• Maintenance is as per a checklist and the price is fixed. If any spare parts not in the checklist are required, these are charged for separately.
• Original System 3R parts are always used for maintenance. 
• Digital registration in System 3R’s quality register. Regular offers for “call-back visits” when it is time for maintenance and inspection.

Step by step service robot

System 3R TOOLING – Preventive maintenance & inspection. Avoid unexpected production stops

Why annual maintenance?
Regular reconditioning minimizes production stops and optimizes function, precision and performance. Worn parts are replaced with new.
Note: Air quality has a great effect on service intervals. Class 5.3.5 ISO 8573-1 air quality is a requirement. The air must always be dry.

If maintenance is omitted, the following can happen:

  • Compromised thrust/clamping force (e.g. dirt and rusty springs – chuck compromised). The precision of produced parts is compromised.
  • Seized up chuck (dirt, rusted springs and aged O-rings are impossible to detect). Especially in automated plant, there can be knock-on damage.

Planned maintenance reduces unplanned production stops. Preventive maintenance can be scheduled on the basis of calendar time or operating time. Planned maintenance should be carried out at least once every 12 months.

  • High quality assured with System 3R servicing
  • Servicing as per the service schedule.
  • Authorized service technicians.
  • Always original parts.
  • Maintained precision and performance.
  • Regular offers for “call-back visits” when it is time for maintenance and inspection.

Step by step revision chuck

Disassembled from machine

Disassembled from machine

Disassembled from machine

Disassembled from machine

Disassembled chuck

Disassembled chuck

Disassembled chuck parts

Disassembled chuck parts

Cleaned chuck step 1

Cleaned chuck parts

Cleaned chuck parts

Mounted chuck on machine

System 3R calibration – Preventive maintenance & inspection. Insurance for long term Quality

Calibration of measuring instruments in accordance with ISO 9001
All ISO 9001 certified companies know that there are requirements in respect of procedures for the calibration of measuring instruments. This is because it is essential that all measuring equipment used in the company shows the correct results. Masters and calibration tools from System 3R should be checked/reset using other measuring tools. Consequently, we offer a calibration service as detailed below.

  • Your System 3R masters and calibration tools are inspected and calibrated as per ISO 9001.
  • A calibration report and a new quality certificate are issued.
  • Digital registration in System 3R’s measuring device register (with possibility of automatic reminders via email when it is time for a new calibration).

Calibration reference tools

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