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“This robot will never stop, why should I order a maintenance?A statement that we often hear from our satisfied customers. We prefer to use the term “inspection”. Although the robots of System 3R are very reliable, an annual inspection is recommendable.

We work together with the company TISEA from Belgium. All employees of this company have received extensive training at System 3R in Sweden.

What are the advantages of such an annual service on the robot?

· Less unexpected downtime
· Greatly increased reliability



Upon delivery of a good product also includes proper training of your staff. ERTEC attaches great importance to the knowledge and skills of your staff as soon as possible to achieve a higher level. All participants will receive after the training a certificate.

 To educate your employee has several advantages : 

· Faster productivity of your investment
· Your staff is more confident in introducing this new technology
· Fewer failures
· Often you can make use of a subsidy

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