Alumess clamping system for coordinate and optical measuring machines

The modular Alumess fixturing systems enable a precisely positioned and reproducible setup of clamping fixtures for different work pieces of all industries. The system is designed for flexible use at the measuring station, on coordinate measuring machines  ( CMM ) and optical measuring systems.


  • Modular concept; Easy, rapid and economical
  • Flexible; Every part you can clamp with highest flexibility  
  • Robust; All elements fits together for the highest stability during measuring
  • Palletization; All elements can be mounted on pallets when you want to automate your process

Alumess BASIC for measuring station

The fixing system with quick-change mechanism for tactile measurements at the measuring station or on coordinate measuring machines. The easy mounting of the elements to each other by chucking spigots and adapter bolts enables the rebuilding of the clamping device on the base plate by using a single Allen key within seconds.


  •  Easy mounting
  • Changeover in seconds
  • True-to-contour holding
  • Flexible combinations
  • Compatible system Basic-Maxx

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Alumess JUNIOR fixturing for series measuring

ALUMESS junior offers the user a simple and inexpensive entry to the modular fixturing for series measurement on tactile coordinate measuring machines. On the pallets equipped only with clamping threads different supporting, positioning and necessary clamping elements can be, depending on the application, quickly and flexibly mounted. The mounting options of the components are uncomplicated, logical and user-friendly.

Technical details:

  • Basic elements M6
  • Pitch 20mm
  • Clamping M6


  • Tactile measurementSeries measurement
  • Low-priced entry-level system for coordinate measuring machines
  • Compatible system Junior-Maxx

Alumess MAXX Solid, versatile clamping system for serial measurements on tactile measuring machines.

The system is mainly designed for universal and flexible use on tactile coordinate measuring machines (CMMs). Further areas of use are for the production of samples and prototypes, laser inscription, laser processing or as a mounting device. Position holes and mounting threads in the pallets, plates, rails and angle plates as well as a wide range of support, positioning and stop elements enable a reproducible construction of any clamping fixture. Maximum reproducibility of the fixture allows that only the specific constructed and produced elements must be stored for re-use as required.

Technical details:

  • Basic elements M6
    • Pitch 20mm
    • Reference hole 10H8
    • Clamping M6
  • Basic plates M10
    • Pitch 20mm
    • Reference hole 14H8
    • Clamping M10


  • Basic elements M6, pitch 20mm, reference hole 10H8, clamping M6
  • Basic plates M10, pitch 20mm, reference hole 14H8, clamping M10
  • Tactile measurement
  • Series measurement
  • Universal use on coordinate measuring machines
  • Compatible system Basic-Junior-Maxx

Alumess OPTIC for high precise individual and serial measurements on optical CMMs and projectors.

The ALUMESS.optic system is an universal and extremely flexible clamping and fixturing system for optical coordinate measuring machines and measuring projectors.

It can be used in both direct light and transmitted light and on multi-sensor machines for tactile measurement. With the guide slots in the basic rail and connector rail, the clamping frame is steplessly movable and scalable.

Technical details:

  • Basic elements M6
  • Pitch 20mm
  • Reference hole 10H8
  • Clamping M6

Features:spr_alu optics

  • Optical and tactile measurementIndividual and series measurement
  • Optical coordinate measuring machines and measuring projectors
  • Compatible system Maxx-Optics

Alumess basic sets for starters.

Basic set Aspr_alumess set A

  • 1x ALUMESS basic plate
  • 1x ALUMESS klem SP 75 AL
  • 1x ALUMESS drieklauw 125 AL


Basic set Bspr_alumess set B1

  • 1x ALUMESS basic plate
  • 1x ALUMESS-basic pin support 55x55mm
  • 1x ALUMESS-basic hold down clamp


Basic set Cspr_alumess set B2

  • 1x ALUMESS basic plate
  • 2x ALUMESS-basic pin support 35x35mm
  • 2x ALUMESS-basic hold down clamp
  • 1x ALUMESS carrier plate


Basic set D

  • 3x ALUMESS slide rail
  • 3x ALUMESS-basic pin support 35x35mm
  • 3x ALUMESS-basic hold down clamp
  • 3x ALUMESS connecting bolt 40mm
  • 3x ALUMESS connecting bolt 60mm
  • 3x ALUMESS connecting bolt 80mm


Basic set Espr_alumess set E

  • 1x ALUMESS basic plate
  • 1x ALUMESS vice SP75 AL
  • 1x ALUMESS 3-Jaw 125 AL
  • 2x ALUMESS-basic pin support 35x35mm
  • 2x ALUMESS-basic hold down clamp
  • 1x ALUMESS carrier plate


Basic set Fspr_alumess set F

  • 1x ALUMESS basic plate
  • 2x ALUMESS-basic hold down clamp
  • 1x ALUMESS vice MZE 120-60 AL
  • 2x ALUMESS prism support
  • 1x ALUMESS carrier plate




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