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Complete automated solutions for the manufacturing industry.

Step 1: Standardization

One reference system on all your machines

More spindle hours, higher output with easy to use system

Step 2: Small pallet changer

More spindle hours from your investment

Easy to use pallet changer for all applications

Step 3: Robot cell for 1-3 machines

Flexible handling system for small serie production

Easy to use robot for 1-3 production machines

Step 4: Workshop software

Easy to use data management software

Less failure and reliable data flow in your workshop

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FMS ≥400Kg Robots ≤400Kg



Tooling S3R Cell software



Centre vices Runout tools



Precise tools Tooling CMM


Central coolant clean Air filtration



Central coolant clean Air filtration



Costumer is telling his story


Wondering if automation can be of added value for your company, or do you want to know more? Please do not hesitate to contact me.

Working many hours or automation?

Costomer story Betactic Engineering

Last week we visited John van de Sanden, owner of Betactic. A few months ago he bought an automation system and we were very curious to what extent the Mazak j-600 helped him. Click on the link below to hear the full story. 

Link long version

Ertec is specialized in optimizing and automate your production for milling, 5-axes milling, grinding, EDM, WEDM and measuring. With worldwide reliable partners we are able to give the support you expect from your partners. 

All the information is on our website. If you have questions, you can always call or mail us.

Ertec is responsible for the market BENELUX. The partners of Ertec are; System 3R, Liebherr, Spreitzer, JobDISPO and Simpline.


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Automation: System 3R and Liebherr
Clamping systems: Spreitzer
ERP and Planning: JobDISPO

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