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ERP ( Enterprise Recource Software )

The standard workshop software made bij Fauser GmbH.



Manufacturing Execution System

ERP ( Enterprise Resource Software )

The standard workshop software made bij Fauser GmbH


Manufacturing Data Collection

MES ( Manufacturing Execution System )

We offer with JobDISPO MES a tool for detailed production planning and scheduling. As opposed to conventional ERP-/ PPC-based rough planning, JobDISPO MES includes the actual machine scheduling and considers real-time dispatching of orders of the production according to available capacity.

ERP ( Enterprise Resource Software )

JobDISPO ERP is an easy to use enterprise resource planning software for small and medium-sized make-to-order and/or make-to-stock manufacturers. Key features include the administration of growing part lists, an integrated pre/ ongoing/post costing and the possibility to work with or without detailed master data.

MDC ( Manufacturing Data Collection )

A realistic production planning and scheduling and preliminary costing is only possible via a capture of the actual production data. A plan is only feasible and accurat, if a consequential adjustment of the planned and the actual data is ensured. Your complete order processing can be more transparent, effective and efficient.

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